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Title:King Furniture Brisbane
Category:Furniture Store : Furniture Brisbane
Description:King Furniture is one furnishing house that we all need to appreciate someday or the other for introducing the concepts of removable sofa cover way back in 1978. Thanks to this concept customers are able to refresh the look of their sofas without replacing the entire furniture. They have always been famous for designing and manufacturing contemporary and award winning furniture.

Great pains are taken to introduce new designs and new technologies which in turn offer customers the best of furniture. Comfort, style, sophistication and durability are their main features which every sofa is made up of. King Furniture pay close attention to the finishing of each of their products. Hence you will notice that in the last 35 years they have had a reputations that exceeds all other furniture stores.

Their sofas come in a wide range of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers. that reflect both the international trend and traditional look. You can find their entire collection in all the 14 showrooms located around Australia. Every sofa has a uniqueness and stand out quality to it. They are also famous for their galvanised steel frame which are specially engineered to support and provide strength for long lasting comfort.

But hands down the factor that stands out when compared to other furniture brands is that none of their covers are stapled, they are completely removable for easy cleaning and also creating a whole new look. If you are really looking for a change do contact the King-CareĀ® Service Team, they will visit your home to clean, repair or refresh your sofa.
Address:61 Parramatta Road
State:New South Wales
Postal Code:2038
Phone Number:(02) 9516 5466
Text:King Furniture is one of the best furniture firms that design and manufacture contemporary, award-winning furniture for their fervent clients in Brisbane, Australia. They design their furniture pieces with steel frames that deliver the best in support and comfort. Their elegant and new furniture collection includes Carousel Classic, Jasper, Baby Jasper, Delta, Delta Storage, Oscar, Concerto and Sofa Beds.
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