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Living Room

Title:Zuster Furniture
Category:Designer Furniture
Description:The name Zuster is Dutch which translates into "Sisters" and is a designer brand which is run by sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll, Fleur Sibbel and Katrina Myers along with their father Meyer Sibbel. Zuster has a beautiful way of describing what they are really all about, they believe that a home is where you live and an office is where you work but what goes into all these spaces defines who we are.

Designing beautiful creations for living has always been part of the Sibbel household for the last three generations. What started with the grandfather Herman Sibbel has now been converted into a full fledged business mainly by Wilhelmina who took the lead to complete her course in furniture design. The company offers a catalog of customisable furniture items for every room of the house and the office.

Zuster is definitely a popular brand as it can be found in almost every home and office across Australia. It is also a brand that is specified by most of the top interior designers and architects in Australia. Zuster is also usually featured in some of the major design and lifestyle magazines overseas as well. They are well known for their Stella table design.

In 2014, Zuster celebrated 20 successful years in the furniture industry and to commemorate the same they launched the Tribute Collection which is a collaboration of all the favorite elements of Zuster furniture for the past 20 years. Do check out their complete catalog online where you can buy their products as well.
Address:370 Swan Street
Postal Code:3121
Phone Number:+61 3 9427 7188
Text:Zuster is a unique furniture firm that supplies a fantastic, stylishly edited range of Australian designer furniture and home-wares sourced from various top-class local and international designers to offer you distinctive furniture pieces for your home d├ęcor. So whatever your need may be, simply explore their displayed online items or their online gallery.
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